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Precious Moments, Unforgettable Events, and Notable Milestones

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This little beauty is Za'Liyah Tatiana Salley. Za'Liyah is the grand daughter of Mcfamily member Pamela Robertson of Moncks Corner, S.C., and is truly a beauty contestant in a baby contest being held on December 13, 2009 at Bethel AME Church in Ridgeville, S.C. Please support Za'liyah with your monetary donations, which are to be sent to Pamela Robertson at 114 Farrell Street, Moncks Corner, S.C. 29461.

Our Blessings and best wishes go out to little Za'Liyah, and she is already a "winner" in our hearts.

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Donnie McClurkin's latest CD release "We All Are One..Live, in Detroit", was released by Verity Records on March 30, 2009. According to Music Review, Donnie McClurkin's "We All Are One" certainly delivers on praise and worship songs. "Let the River Flow" and "You Are My God and King" are two gems--simple melodic congregational songs with repeated phrases suported by gentle musical arrangements. In many ways, the album seems to pick up where his 2005 release "Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs", which was a huge success,  left off. Better get yours now, because the CD's are selling fast.  Donnie, you just keep making us all very proud. A collective shout of CONGRATULATIONS!!! from your McFamily.

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Mary Emma McClurkin Davis, a/k/a "Mae Mae", a/k/a "Mother Davis", a/k/a "Aunt Mary", a/k/a "Gramma",  a/k/a "Mommy" celebrated her big "70" on Thursday, April 26, 2007.   It was a gala affair, and the "birthday girl" was foxy, as usual, and was surrounded by family and friends from all over. (Rumor has it that she discovered the fountain of youth and keeps it to herself).  Whatever you are doing Mae Mae, keep it up, but let us in on your secret!  The entire McFamily loves you, and hope you will be around for 70 more!!!

Check out these pictures from the Party!

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Presenting The McClurkin Project, Donnie McClurkin and four of his lovely and talented sisters, Olivia, Cheri, Tanya And Andrea.  Their new release, recorded live in Queens, New York is their second, the first , "I See A World", was a sensation featuring  the hit tune "Speak to My Heart".  To read their "pedigree" and sample two of the songs, click on the link below. While you are there, you can also purchase the CD. Want to talk about T-A-L-E-N-T?  Check them out, and buy this "must have" CD for your collection!.

The McClurkin Project Press Release

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Sunday, January 25, 2004 was a snowy, icy day in Chester, S.C., but at 4:00 PM, the SON was shining brightly at Lincolnville Baptist Church. The occasion was the initial sermon preached by Minister Melissa S. Mauny, affectionately known as "Missy".  The church was filled with family and friends as she preached on the subject "To Be or Not to Be The Watchman That God Has Called Me to Be" from the Book of Ezekiel3:17-20.  Minister Mauney preached the word as though she had been at it for a much longer time, and all who heard her were blessed.  Missy is the daughter of Mrs. Mary B. Strong and Mr. and Mrs. Herman Blake, pictured below. The McFamily salutes and prays God's continued blessings on her ministry.

Minister Maury with husband, Christopher and parents, Herman and Carolyn Blake

Min. Maury, husband Chris, with son Teddy, and cousins Willie McClurkin, Jr. and Penny Howell

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She enters, accompanied by her Son-in-Law, Lou Mellini, unaware that she is the star of the show

2. The lights go on, she hears it from the crowd, "SURPRISE"

The Grandchildren

Willie and Andrea

Willie, Sr. and Odessa McClurkin

The Mistress of Ceremonies, daughter, Olivia

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Cathy Dorsey, Regi and Wilda Camper

Pearl Watson and Toreen Howard

Hammin' with Stacey

J.D., McClurkin, Penny McClurkin-Howell and Horace McClerklin

Pastor Donnell Peterman, Sam Robinson and Vickie Bennett

Minister Maury receives Certificate from Pastor James A. Owens, Jr

With husband, Christopher, parents, brother Min. Leonard Strong,and Rev. J.D. McClurkin

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On Friday, June 6, 2003 Frances McClurkin, mother of Donnie McClurkin, was given a surprise 70th Birthday party at the Galaxie Caterers in Lindenhurst, New York. The party was given by her children and coordinated by her daughter, Andrea Mellini, shown later with Willie. The pictures  give just an inkling of the joy, elation and love experienced on that blessed occasion.  By the way, from the expression on her face in the picture below, it was, indeed a "SURPRISE".  A fond Happy Birthday from the McFamily, and we hope you have 70 more!

3. This picture speaks for itself!!

Erin, Bambi and Cookie, the "N.C. Connection"

Willie and Darlene

Penny McClurkin Howell (Is that a halo?)

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On January 18, 2003 Bambi and John Allen renewed their wedding vows. Participating in the ceremony were were their children John Jr. (Jon Jon) and Jayla together with a renewal party of friends and well wishers. The "bride" was decked out in a white leather suit and go-go boots and the "groom" looks like he just stepped out of G.Q. (Gentlemen's Quarterly for those un-hip amongst you).Big John is a former Center on the N.C. A&T football team and an ex-Arena Football star.
A big McFamily Congratulations and best wishes for many more years!!

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This is Dr. John C. McClurkin, Sr., Pastor of Greater Faith Church of God in Christ in Winston Salem, N.C. pictured with the "First Lady" Juanita McClurkin.  This First Family was honored for their 28 years of service by their Church family with festivities from Tuesday, October 7 thru Friday, October 10, 2003 culminating with a Celebratory service on Sunday Morning, October 12.  Pastor McClurkin's vision since he bacame Pastor in 1975 has resulted in phenominal growth in the Church, both in terms of its congregation and its physical facilities.  That vision continues to unfold and has extended into television, radio and a soon to be released book. Allowing God to be First, and always ready toaccept a new challenge, Pastor and First Lady McClurkin continue to lead their Church from victory to victory. Pastor McClurkin is the Grandson of our common ancestor, Jesse McClurkin, one of the five sons of Anderson McClurkin.
The entire McFamily adds its appreciation and CONGRATULATIONS to our dear Brother and Sister in Christ!!

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Guess who's 50?

Cutting the Cake with wife, Denise

On Saturday, October 30 2004 Regi McClurkin celebrated his 50th birthday (half a century!!) at his home in Ellicott City, MD. Regi was quite the celeb, and the event was attended by some real "heavy hitters."  Lots of good food and good folks made the affair a memorable event, and those of you who didn't make it missed a real treat. Maybe his next 50th?  Check out some of the pictures, and as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, so I will let the pictures speak for themselves.  The McFamily wishes for you many more birthday bashes, REGI.


Rev. J.D. McClurkin (Regi's dad) Regi, Denise, Wilda Camper, Loray Harmon and Bob Abrams

J.D. McClurkin, Penny McClurkin-Howell and Jimmy Blake

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During the week of June 7-14 Horace and Cassandra McClerklin
visited their son, Joshua who had recently returned from the
Gulf War.  The family went to Disney World, and wants to share
some of those memorable moments with you.

Another shot

Grandma, Kim, Cody, Corey & Cara

Magic Kingdom


Cara with "Cinderella"

The kids with "Aladdin"


Josh and Cara

Diggin' for fossils

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Penny Hits the Big 50!

Pianelius "Penny" McClurkin Howell celebrated her 50th birthday on September 22, 1953, with a birthday party attended by family and friends.  In addition, she was Guest of Honor at a surprise birthday party on September 27, 2003 at her church, White Stone Baptist Church where she was treated like royalty.  They love her there! She was escorted by her dashing young son, Ashton who was dressed to kill.  A grand time was had by all, and you may find this hard to believe, but Penny was speechless.  It really was a "surprise".  After the party Penny took off to "The Vineyard" (Martha's Vineyard, of course) and we just know that she had a great time.  HAPPY 50 MORE, Penny!



Is this Limo really for me?

Hey, this is nice!

The Guest of Honor and Her Court

They gave her TWO cakes!

Pastor Warren, Penny, Ashton and Mrs Warren

What shall my wish be?

The Queen and her Court



Aunt Bernice, Penny and Cassandra McClerklin

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Mrs. Bernice McClurkin, the family's eldest known member, celebrated her 89th birthday on Sunday, August 17, 2003 at Zion Hill Baptist Church in Washington, D.C. where she was showered with cards, flowers, gifts, money and love. Afterwards, she was ushered to her favorite restaurant by "Penny" Howell, her niece and accompanied by her closest friend, Mrs. Lelia Bright (who is also her Pastor's sister). The restaurant staff "surprised" her with a birthday cake and the staff sang "Happy Birthday."  How 'bout a big McFamily "HAPPY BIRTHDAY"
to our dear Matriarch.  We Love You!!! 

Aunt Bernice with Penny

Mrs. Bright and Aunt Bernice (center)

Birthday Lady!

Mrs.Bright, Aunt Bernice, Penny & Friends

Penny Howell

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